Suga's Cakery

"A party without cake is just a meeting" - Julia Child


Customer Testimonials

Let me tell ya folks - I've been sharing some first rate desserts with co-workers, friends, family from Suga's Cakery. Patricia Bedford is baking up some beautiful, moist, tasty goodies. I passed around her chocolate cupcakes, and slices of her German Chocolate cake. You know it's good when the responses were eyes bugged out in delight along w- ith glowing, smiling faces. Two chocolate covered thumbs up ! 
- Hoover Alexander, Owner, Hoover's Cooking

Best red velvet cake I have ever had! The frosting is soooo good. This has become my new favorite cake/dessert. Will definitely want more for the holidays and any special occasion.

- Chuck O.


I had the pleasure of tasting one of Suga's Cakery's chocolate cupcakes and trust me the pleasure was ALL mine! I consider myself a cupcake connoisseur (LOL) so I know a quality cupcake as soon as it hits my tastebuds. You'll be kicking yourself if you pass it up. I give this pastry and Suga's two exceptional thumbs up!

-Sujuane S.

Suga's Cakery has the best strawberry cakes!! And I do mean "REAL" strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting.

-Kiamesha L.